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Dethatching and Overseeding


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Bagworms can be destructive little pests.  Bagworms create spindle shaped bags that can be seen hanging from the tree or shrub.  They resemble pine cones or other plant material so they can sometimes be hard to detect.  If you notice the bottom of your tree or shrub seems to be turning brown, and if you notice webbing (resembles spider webs) on the tree or shrub then you need to investigate further.  
Bagworms prefer juniper, arborvitae, spruce and pine trees or shrubs.  However, they can also be found in various other trees/shrubs.

Dethatching and Overseeding

Dethatch and Overseed-  If you haven't already aerated then you really should dethatch. We have the best rates!! You might be asking yourself "what is thatch?" Thatch is the layer of living and dead stems, roots, stolons, and rhizomes between the green blades of grass and the soil surface. A thin layer of thatch (less than 1/2 inch thick) can be beneficial to the lawn because it helps to limit weed germination, reduce water evaporation, and protect from frost damage. However, thick thatch layers can prevent water, air, and nutrients from penetrating the soil, causing reduced root growth and increased potential for drought stress. Thatch also favors fungal growth and can harbor insect pests.  Call us today for a free estimate!